Boating to Pakri islands

A good destination for a 1 or 2 day boating. Start from Nõva harbour, course along the coast to the east. Within 1-2 hours boating you reach Pakri islands. Within a day you can boat around one of the islands and have enough time for several stops, walking and picnic. If you stay for the night you can get a good overview of the other island. You’ll definitely find many different and beautiful places for hiking and rest. The shortest way back to Nõva will take about 1 hour. An optional start point of the trip may be the small harbour of Kurkse. For a reasonable price you can get your boat onto the water and back as well as park your car. Entrance to the harbor is usually closed. Don’t worry, call the number on the entrance and you’ll get to the harbour. In the photo gallery we share impressions of a 1-day boating route Kurkse - Väike Pakri – Kurkse View Larger Map